Antenatal Education & Advice

Midwife & Health Visitor Led Class


Private class for you and your partner or family

All our classes are designed around you and led by a experienced Midwife & Health Visitor

Attend anytime from 25 weeks onward

Having a One2One class ensures you are fully prepared for labour birth and beyond.Our class is suitable for both 1st time parents and those expecting a sibling.

Pregnancy is a time of great change both physically and emotionally. Preparation for birth & parenthood is essential to meet the highs and lows of becoming a parent.

Every pregnancy and birth is different and it isn't always possible to predict exactly how they will progress. Traditional antenatal classes have focused on text book pregnancy and birth scenarios.


Sometimes birth isn't always straightforward but being prepared allows you to make informed decisions on potential interventions when and if the situation arises .


Our aim is that every woman who attends our classes, gives birth by whatever means feeling that they were informed,confident and able to reflect on their birth experience positively.


Prior to attending a course you will be given the opportunity to let us know a bit about you and your pregnancy, any specific worries or questions you may have and want answering during the course but not confident enough to ask.


We can guarantee that no question is a silly question and they will always answered fully 


At every class there is always opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Flexibility is the key and ensuring you come away from our classes prepared is our aim.The course facilitator is a midwife and health visitor who can adapt sessions as required. 



· How will I know I'm in labour

· Labour and birth

· Pain relief

· When labour isn't straightforward

· Early days with a newborn -they     don't arrive with an instruction manual included!

· Practical skills including baby resuscitation 


Class Feedback

"Donna was great today,lots of information which has given us a more positve way of  thinking "  Laura 

"class was informative and covered things we hadn't thought about , thank you" NM

"learning about different aspects of labour, everyones different /can happen at different times , puts mind at ease of unknown"

"Relaxed and not stuffy , it was fun""